Meet The Artist

Digital Artist and Photographer - Tim BaileyTim Bailey is an American photographer and digital artist based in Austin, Texas.   His work primarily consists of photo composites—combinations of photographs that are heavily edited and enhanced to appear part of a cohesive scene.   

Thematically, the subject matter ranges from industrial dilapidation, to classic Americana, to fantasy, always with "dark" and foreboding undertones, hence the name of this site.  While his volume of work encompasses a broader field of themes, this site focuses on the more bleak, funereal selections.

He has a love of all things decaying and forgotten, rusted, broken, burned, or otherwise discarded. "Dystopia" is pervasive throughout, and the portrayal of apocalyptic decline is the dominant focus.

Professionally, Bailey works as a web and user interface designer—a more technical, albeit aesthetic line of work.  Outside of art, his interests include world history and technology.